Grassroots sports has an indelibly positive impact on our world. It unites people, promotes health, teaches discipline, hard-work, and dedication.

Sport can include the excluded, inspire the indifferent, and give purpose to the undirected.

Our purpose is:

  • To positively develop players and coaches and grassroots sport as a whole.
  • To ensure that a moment of sporting joy is never missed and can be enjoyed and shared.
  • To use video to bring people together into a global, inclusive community through the language and power of sport.


We are inclusive, playful, innovative and champions of the grass roots sports community.

We are storytellers and to promote the players, coaches and participants of sport.


The Team

Sverre Aarsand

Customer Adviser

Mike Emery


Anders Nedrebø

Livestream Manager


To promote the joy of sport and use it as a unifier for youth.

To innovate with technology and video to help foster and spread the joy of sport between individuals and communities.

To make sure that users of JOYMO, always have fun with our product, and that it improves their relationship to their sport, their club, their coach and each other.