Our Plan

JOYMO is a Norwegian innovation. We have developed a seamless livestreaming broadcast and video analysis platform. Our innovation will help clubs livestream cheaply and easily, and in a way that makes money that will go back to the club.

Our seamless platform will enable livestreaming for all grassroots sports organisations. Any sport, any time, for every fan.

Together with sport, we can create a sustainable, growing source of income for sports clubs around the world. It is time to drop selling toilet paper and start selling your sport.

How does it all work?

JOYMO is a publishing tool for sports clubs of every kind, at every level. We give clubs everything they need to film and broadcast their sport to absent spectators. These spectators can be invited by the club to pay a small pay-per-view, or pay-per-season, cost to watch their chosen team or teams play.

Wondering what pay-per-view or pay-per-season means? Click the FAQ button and read more about it there.

Livestreaming means live broadcasting of a team’s game. The coach decides in advance that a game will be available to watch live. They create a URL link (days beforehand or right before the game starts) which fans can click on and open in a web-browser or in the JOYMO app.

That link can be sent out via Text, Email, Facebook, Spond, Twitter. The club decides.

The fan simply CLICKS, PAYS and WATCHES.

Fund your club

JOYMO understands that for many grassroots sports organisations, funding is a concern. JOYMO has found a way to help clubs and teams develop players, coaches and facilities. It is time for sport to go digital.

By starting livestreaming at your club and inviting absent fans to pay-per-view or buy pay-per-season tickets, you will be generating revenue every game, week, every month of the season.

Find out how much your club could make with JOYMO using our income calculator

We estimate your club could earn... 90 324 NOK per season with JOYMO

Contact us to get started
*please note that all figures are estimated, based on 36 week seasons with a Pay-Per-View price of 49 NOK per game and a Season Ticket price of 799 NOK per season. Please contact us for a personal consultation on how we can help your club.

5 ways to get more viewers for your livestream with JOYMO

You have to make people aware of your livestreams, and you have to let them know where to access it.

We have made you five tips that can help you get more viewers to your livestreams. Keep in mind that it’s a process, and it does take some time to see results. However, if you follow these five steps, you’ll see that your numbers increase.

At the bottom, we have also made a handy super-short MUST DO list for you.

  1. Plan your game a minimum of 7 days in advance

    By planning your game minimum 7 days in advance will help you spread the word that you are livestreaming your game. When you have planned your livestream, share your URL link on Facebook and Spond.

  2. Talk With Your Players

    You know why people love football season? It’s because they get to see their team play every week. Streaming on a consistent basis will help keep your streams top of mind and remind your viewers to tune in regularly.

    If you have a Facebook chat, Spond chat or any other chat, send the URL link and tell them to tell their parents and grandparents.

    A good tip is to remind your players to tell their parents 2 weeks before the game, 1 week before the game and the day before the game.

  3. Word of Mouth

    Are you chatting with parents? Tell them that the game is being livestreamed. It is a good idea to let the parents know that your game is being livestreamed. They can then tell the players grandparents, uncles and aunties. Tell them 7 days before, 3 days before and the day of the event, and choose the channel that you talk to them by.

  4. Promote Your Streams Ahead Of Time

    Do you have a Facebook site for everyone in the club? Post the URL link as many times as you can. The more times you post, the more viewers you will get!

    Do you have a club website which is used a lot? Post the link there! E-mail blasts, social media, and promoting on your website are the most effective ways. And the best part? They’re all free!

    Speaking of social media there is no better way to promote your livestream and yourself than on social platforms. Make sure you plan your livestream in advance – a good rule of thumb is announcing your livestream minimum one week before the livestream. Updating your viewers on Facebook, Spond and Website will ensure they are informed about the time and where to log in to watch.

  5. Make Your Own Facebook Page

    Social media can be a powerful tool to gain exposure for your livestream. If you haven’t already done so, make a Facebook page for your club or team.

    Unlike with your personal Facebook profile, you don’t have to be “friends” with the users who “like” your club or teams page. When a user does so, they get notified when you publish something, like your URL link to your livestream, on behalf of the club or team.

Must do

The five tips above can be very helpful as you look to increase viewership for your live streams.

But these 5 things are essential!

  1. Plan in advance

  2. Send out through every channel you have

  3. Get the players to sell to their parents

  4. Make sure everyone knows that the club will make money

  5. Tell everyone about the link at least three times before the game starts