Q – I cannot watch a VOD on the JOYMOLive App but live works.

A – This is a known issue and is currently under investigation by the JOYMO Team, in the meantime the user can log on using Chrome to view VOD’s


Q – When watching a VOD the user can only see the last few minutes of a game

A – Sometimes a VOD will start playing at the end of the recorded video, by using the play controls the user can rewind back to the beginning of the VOD.


Q – Video is not playing on a Mac and iOS devices but I can hear the sound.

A – This can be resolved by pausing and then playing the video stream


Q – Cannot see video or the play/pause buttons on an iOS device

A – This can be resolved by turning your device to landscape which will show the play/pause buttons and then selecting play to display the video.


Q – After selecting a game livestream to watch on the JOYMOLive App I cannot get back to the main list of scheduled games page using iOS.

A – The user will need to close and stop the app and then log in again.


Q – The scheduled start time has passed and there is still no video or the user gets the following error ‘We are creating a channel for you. Please retry in a couple of minutes.’

A – There are a number of possible causes to this, including:

  • – Internet connection at the sporting event
  • – Internet connection on your viewing device
  • – Scheduling changes that have been made to an event
  • we would recommend the user waiting a few minutes and then trying again by refreshing the web browser, if this does not resolve the issue please get in touch through our support channel support@joymo.zendesk.com


Q – The live stream stopped before the game was finished

A – The player has the ability to pause video and jump back to an earlier time in the game, this means it is possible for a user to be out of sync with live video. The player will still stop when the live match stops even if the user is behind live.


Q – The action tracking is not following the action in the game

A – Action Tracking algorithm is still in an experimental stage and at times can miss the action. If this is happening frequently or if the user would prefer not to use the action tracking it can be disabled on the player.


Q – Web browser compatibility issues

A – Not all our functionality is supported on every browser

  • – We recommend using Chrome as your preferred browser which supports Action Tracking
  • – Safari on Mac will stream video but does not support action tracking
  • – iOS devices do not support action tracking (iPhone and iPad)
  • – Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer are not supported


Q – I cannot see the video full screen on an Iphone

A – When using a browser (Safari or Chrome) on an iOS device the address bar will remain even if the user selects full screen. This issue can be resolved by using the JOYMO Live app or by adding a shortcut for arena.Joymo.no to the device desktop. To do this in Safari select share and then add to home screen.


Q – Login not working for JOYMO live app on Android

A – On an Android device if you auto fill the email field on the JOYMO live app it will append a space to the end of the email address when trying to login you get an error ‘The email address is badly formatted’

To resolve, remove space at end of email address before submitting login request