For the coach and the player JOYMO Analysis

The JOYMO Analysis app for coaches includes all of our clever coaching and analysis software. Teach and develop your players!

Later in 2019, all of the scheduling tools will be available in the JOYMO Analysis App. To begin with in January and February 2019 clubs will schedule livestreams through our website, log in here.


  • Record

  • Clip

  • Edit

  • Draw

  • Zoom

  • Send footage for the players to watch and develop.


  • Watch and develop

  • Show the clips to friends and family

  • Watch the recordings that have been uploaded to JoymoPlay by a trainer.

Download on the App Store.
Download on the Google Play Store.

For fans and viewers JOYMO Live

The JOYMO Live app is a media player for viewing games. It is also a handy place to find out which games are going to be livestreamed in the future.

Download on the App Store.
Download on the App Store.

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