Always ready JOYMO Fixed LiveCaster

The JOYMO LiveCaster is installed in sporting arenas and venues, inside or outside, in a fixed position. Livestreams can be planned days, weeks, months in advance. Operated fully by a smart phone/tablet, the LiveCaster is a hassle-free solution for live broadcasting.

  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors

    JOYMO works just as well for sports halls as it does for pitches

  • Water and weather resistant

    Don’t worry about a little rain, JOYMO can handle it!

  • Tested to -25 degrees

    You’ll want to be inside long before JOYMO stops

  • Scheduled Livestreaming

    Livestreams can be planned days, weeks, months in advance

  • Unmanned Fixed location

    Once installed, JOYMO doesn’t need to be operated physically, just remotely via smart phone technology.

  • Works with both iOS and Android

    Go live, schedule streams, share recordings and a whole lot more in our app

  • 4K UHD Livestreaming

    No matter where you watch, you will receive beautiful quality every time

  • Connectivity

    Wi-Fi, 4G(mobile), broadband

Already have a JOYMO installation? Coach license

Coaches and trainers for teams are the only ones who can access the coaching functionality in the JOYMO app. By purchasing access to the analysis tool software located in the App, the coach can view in real time, draw on the screen, zoom, operate advanced slow motion and playback. The coach can record all the trainings and also the games that are being livestreamed.

  • Realtime preview

    View in real-time – see what the camera sees!

  • Draw on the screen

    Great for showing the perfect run, or how to find space.

  • Zoom

    Zoom in and see every detail.

  • Advanced controls

    Operate Advanced slow motion and playback

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Installation Requirements

JOYMO LiveCaster consists of a camera and a control box. The requirements for installation for these will vary depending on the location and the type of sport that will be broadcast. This is primarily because the camera angle will be different, but also because the control box functions as a WiFi access point.

Installation is organized and handled by JOYMO. Ideally, we install the camera and control box at a height of circa 3-12m, in the middle of court/field. This means that there must be an available post, wall, fence, lattice or other type of construction present. If there is nothing present, then this must be designed and prepared in advance of our installation. The control box is mounted so that no more than 50m of data cable must be drawn to the camera and it is placed out of reach of inquisitive hands!

We also require permission from the owner of the arena to perform the installation. Most typically this is the local council. As long as the infrastructure described in the previous paragraph is met, the installation will be easy!

JOYMO’s LiveCaster (camera and control box together) requires up to 60W (0.26A from one 230V supply).

JOYMO LiveCaster relies on the internet to work optimally.

The minimum internet speed requirement must be met to guarantee a flawless live stream. The recommended requirement also includes uploading video and coach functions simultaneously with live streaming.

Minimum Capacity Requirements
5Mbps Download Speed, 13Mbps Upload Speed

Recommended Capacity Requirements
10Mbps Download Speed, 20Mbps Upload Speed

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Technical Specification

Quality: Filming in 4K resolution, 180 degrees, Full HD

Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 4g (mobile), broadband

Control: The team is provided with its own publishing platform where all films are stored

JOYMO App for clubs: A platform for analysis, coaching and training with video recording

JOYMO App for fans: Live streaming for fans on a Pay Per View format. The JOYMO club can invite family, friends, and fans to watch

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