How this works For the club

The sale of digital season tickets is a new and exciting income opportunity where the club itself decides what money goes for. This can, for example, help to reduce the membership fee or be used for social gatherings, training camps, new equipment or the like.

All you club needs is to share a link with access to their season ticket. You can easily share this link via Facebook, Spond, Website, Instagram, Mail or other channels. Reach out to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, supporters, and others who want to support and follow your teams.

How this works For viewers

Family, friends, supporters and others now have the opportunity to see all of the club’s live-sent home games. This gives you viewers access to see matches directly from wherever you are. Watch the games easily and automatically on your smartphone, tablet or PC. If you buy a season ticket, you also support the club and your team financially. Replace doping paper and ticket with a digital season ticket from your club.

Wondering how to buy a season ticket? Contact the club you want to support for further information.

What is a Digital Season Card?

A digital season ticket is a digital ticket that covers the club’s live-sent one-season home games.

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What are live-sent home games?

Live live home games mean live home games from an arena that has a JOYMO LiveCaster installed.

The club decides which matches are included in the season ticket, which means that individual matches and / or cups can be placed outside the season ticket.

Contact the club you support for further information on which matches are included in your season ticket.

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Viewer experience and functionality

Current matches are broadcast live with an unmanned LiveCaster provided by JOYMO. Read more about our products here: link

We will in the near future provide automatic tracking. This is a new and exciting feature that allows the LiveCaster to follow the game completely automatically, just as if some movies were fighting the game manually.

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